Fast Justice – A Jack Lamburt 1.5 Vigilante THRILLER SHOT Preview

Fast Justice Vigilante Thriller by John Etzil

Fast Justice – A FREE Vigilante Thriller Shot, by John Etzil


Chapter 1

The slow opening of her bedroom door produced a single squeak that stirred Debbie from a light sleep.

First she thought she was dreaming, but when she opened her eyes and caught sight of a tall silhouette holding a gun in her doorway, a bolt of adrenaline shot through her and she froze.

She mentally scolded herself for an inappropriate response, and went to work on a plan of action. She focused on her breathing, relaxed her body, and her training from her previous career kicked in. Her thoughts snapped into focus, and she formulated a plan.

She heard a soft male voice, a little on the nervous side, coming from the hallway. “She in there?”

The silhouette turned and whispered over his shoulder in the gravelly voice of a guy who sucked on too many Marlboro Reds. “Be quiet, ya dumb ass.”

The silhouette leaned in and fumbled for the light switch, found it, and flicked it on. A small lamp next to Debbie’s king-sized bed illuminated the room. She bolted upright, letting the covers fall to reveal that she slept in the nude. She feigned fright, and her voice came out in rapid panic mode as she slid backwards on her bed until the headboard stopped her.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Get out or I’ll scream!” She knew her best chance of turning the table on her home invaders was to appear to be scared and defenseless.

The giant of a man stepped into her room, his big head rubbing against the top of the door frame. He had short red hair, parted on the side, and a pock-marked lily-white face with a bulge of chewing tobacco in his cheeks.

He must have been seven feet tall.

His dark eyes never left her chest, and he pointed his pistol, a Smith & Wesson six-shot .38 revolver, at her.

She hadn’t seen one of those in years, and had to fight back a chuckle. Really? A revolver? How old-school. What’s next, a flip phone?

The giant held a hot dog–sized finger to his lips. “No noise. Or I shoot.”

He walked over to the side of the bed, tore the covers from her grasp, and dropped them on the floor. Debbie pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, leaving just enough space between her arms and legs to be a distraction.

It worked. The giant tilted his head like a confused dog and studied her, leaning in to get a better view.

The second man stepped into the room and took her nakedness in with open-mouthed glee, almost trancelike in his wide-eyed stare. “Holy shit,” he whispered, barely audible.

Debbie sniffled and pretended to cry. She wiped at her damp eyes with her palms, exposing her breasts. “What do you want?” The fear in her voice was worthy of an Oscar nomination.

The giant laid his revolver on her dresser and drew a foot-long hunting knife from his belt. “My boss is upset. He sent us here to deliver a message.” He placed the tip of the knife against her nipple and pressed. The sharp point sunk into her, but not deep enough to draw blood.

He smiled, a lightbulb of an idea going off in his head, and withdrew the knife. “I have a better idea.” He stabbed the knife into the top of her dresser and it stuck with a twang.

He looked back to the other man and gestured for him to leave the room. “Get out.” He took off his belt and smirked down at Debbie. He grabbed her hands and tied her wrists together with it. He backhanded her across the face and sent her reeling sideways on the bed. His meaty hands wrapped around her ankles, and with ease he slid her down the bed and pushed her hands over her head, fully extending her arms. Perfect.

“Don’t move”— he raised his hand—“or you’ll get another one.”

She lay there, naked and exposed, her hands touching the headboard. She bit her lower lip in concentration and slid her hands down between the mattress and headboard, where she kept one of her Derringer pistols duct-taped to the wall.

“Jesus, Eddie,” the second man said, snapping out of his voyeur’s trance and shaking his head side to side in firm defiance of the giant’s order. “No. This wasn’t part of the job. We’re just here to deliver a message, remember?”

“I’m delivering the message my way. Now get out,” Eddie said.

Debbie looked over at the second man. She guessed that he was half the age of the giant. Maybe in his late teens or early twenties. Just a kid, really. She forced out a few tears and asked, “What message? I didn’t do anything.”

She felt the end of the Derringer handle with her middle finger. Almost got it…

Eddie picked up his gun and waved it at the young man along with a quick head nod.

The kid refused to move and stood up to the giant. “No, Eddie, let’s just do our job and get out of here.”

Debbie slid backwards another inch, and managed to wrap her finger partially around the pink handle. Just a little more…

Eddie pointed his revolver at the young man’s face. “You leave, or die right here. Now what’s it going to be?”

The young man stared at Eddie, holding his gaze for too long, and the giant cocked his revolver and delivered his final ultimatum: “Last chance, kid. This bitch ain’t worth dying for. Three… two…”

The kid held up his hands in surrender. “Fine,” he said. He looked at Debbie, held her gaze for a second, and dropped his eyes to the floor. He shook his head and left the room.

“Good decision, kid.” Eddie uncocked the gun and put it back on the dresser.

He turned towards Debbie, knelt on the bed, and grabbed her around the neck with one of his meaty hands. His hand was so large that his fingers touched behind her neck. He squeezed until her face turned dark red.

She gave up on the pursuit of the Derringer, and her hands grabbed at his wrists to try and relieve some of the crushing strain of his choke hold. She felt the pressure start to build in her head and knew that she had seconds before passing out from the lack of blood to her brain. She gagged and coughed, spittle forming on the edge of her lips and running down her cheeks to the bed.

The giant released her neck. “Good thing for you I like my women awake.” He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, tonguing up her saliva. She swallowed back the bile rising in her throat, and he grabbed her hands and placed them back over her head. “Don’t move. Understand?”

She looked away and didn’t respond, tears dripped off her face and onto her sheets. He grabbed her hair with his free hand and yanked her head back to look at him. “Look at me when I speak to you, bitch. Do. You. Understand?”

She nodded yes, working hard to fight back a smile. Oh, I understand, all right…

The giant stood up and kicked off his sneakers. He dropped his jeans and stepped out of them, never taking his eyes from her body. A wide smile broke out on his face, and Debbie saw that he was missing more teeth then he had. What was left was stained dark brown from his chewing tobacco.

He pulled his T-shirt over his head and stood naked next to her, hands on his hips, posing like some kind of proud superhero.

She looked up at him and cringed. He was tall and hairy, reminding her of an orange Bigfoot. Dear God, you’re disgusting…

Eddie reached down and pulled her legs apart. He knelt between them and ran his big hands along the insides of her long thighs, smiling at her firmness. “You’re quite the filly. This is gonna be a fun romp.” He leaned forward and placed his left hand on her right shoulder, pinning it to the bed so she couldn’t move. He spat a glob of brown phlegm in his right hand and lathered himself up, then started to position himself at her opening. She could feel his moist heat, and it took all of her mental strength to stay focused. Wait for it, wait for it…

He looked up, made eye contact with her, and flashed his toothless grin…


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  1. Hello.

    I got your books and I’m interested, if space are available, to be in your ARC or Reader Group

  2. I liked both of your Jack Lamburt books. Hard to stop reading. I would like to read any other Jack lamburt books that are available. I hope they are as engrossing as the first two.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the nice comment! I hope that you can find the time to post on amazon. Reviews mean so much to us writers!

      I’m working on Jack Lamburt 2 now, and it will be out in the fall. I’ll let my email list know the official release date is I get closer. If you’re interested in joining my advanced reader group and getting an ARC, just let me know.

      Thanks again Robert!

  3. I really enjoyed reading the first two books and can’t wait to read more of your work in the future. I would like to be added to your reading group of possible. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Melanie, happy to have you in the group! If you have a free second, I would appreciate a review on Amazon.

      Thanks again, and I’m hard at work on Jack Lamburt 2, so expect some announcements this fall.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for the kind words! If you have the time an Amazon review would be greatly appreciated.

      I just finished the second draft of Jack Lamburt 2, Urban Justice. It will go to me editors within two weeks, and then off to my advanced reader group, so look for it in about thirty days or so.

      I’ll announce the release on my mailing list as we get closer.

      Thanks again Kim!

  4. Just read Airliner Down and loved it. Was directed at the end to your Jack Lamburt 1 and 1.5 and loved them also. Would love to be an ARC reader for you. Please add me to your list

  5. Just finished reading Book 1 and loved it. Storyline & characters were very believable. Story telling was fantastic. Great writing style. Looking forward to more adventures.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks! Glad that you loved it. An amazon review would nee much appreciated.

      Urban Justice is out now on Amazon, and only 0.99 cents for awhile. Hope that you love that one as much.

      Thanks again for the feedback. Nothing tops a reader who loves your work, and tells you about it 🙂

  6. I enjoy your books. Please allow me to join your Advance Readers’ group. As.a law enforcement officer your writings share a side we don’t often get to travel first hand. I have enjoyed each of your books! Thank you for your time and efforts!

  7. Thank for each of your books! While I have enjoyed them all, I await your next one. I must admit I read the second one Lamburt 1…. first and followed it with Airliner Down. I had a difficult time taking any breaks from reading. I like the 1.5 and will be starting Urban, shortly. As a fellow law enforcement officer, you allow us to travel down the path we really cannot in this day and time as an officer. Again, thank you for your time and efforts to create the wonderful reads. Please add me to your list.

  8. A good read, so good I went and bought the first two books and enjoyed them. Would like to be part of you ARC group if possible

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks, honored to have you as part of my team! I added your email address to my reader group so you’ll be among the first to receive URGENT Justice, which is a “Thriller Shot”, now in the plotting stage.

      My reader group also gets first dibs on the FREE audible codes that I receive when I release the audio version.

      You can also sign up to receive FAST Justice, Jack Lamburt 1.5 Thriller Shot, for free on my website.

      Thanks again Larry!

  9. Loved Airliner Down and both Justice books thus far. Is there still room in the ARC Group by chance please?


  10. Just finished and reviewed the first Sheriff Jack story. Thoroughly enjoyable. The Sheriff reminds me of Sanford’s Virgil Flowers series. Hope yours becomes just as entertaining and successful. Looking forward to reading and enjoying your future books.

  11. Thanks for the 1.5 day mini vacation reading fast justice. 8. years on the job in Houston so I enjoy Jacks “style”…look forward to reading 1.5 and beyond . .. I’d enjoy your ARC group also if possible,,,thanks again , ,ed

    1. Hi Ed,

      You’re welcome!

      Tough job, thanks for servicing the community. I was LEO for 4 years in the mid 80’s… Didn’t like it very much.

      Sure, I just added you to my ARC group. Welcome to the Team!

      Thanks again for the kind words. If you have the time, a review on Amazon would be much appreciated.

  12. Like the book! Reminds me of another Jack,but this Jack seems to have it together! Keep up the good work! Now let me finish what you started!

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