Airliner Down – An Aviation Thriller

They'll need more than just the right stuff...

A holiday season flight to paradise turns into a nightmare when a one-man sleeper cell ignites his plan for revenge.

Can a hand full of passengers come through and save the day? Or are they doomed to be a footnote in the war on terror...

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About the Book

Flight 2262 is bound for paradise, but a rogue terrorist could send it to the bottom of the ocean…

Kevin can’t wait to land in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. But when the off-duty pilot takes a glance at his GPS, he’s in for a surprise: the plane is headed to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And he’s the only one who knows it…

Expecting the worst, Kevin heads to the cockpit. Before he can take the controls, he’s got a rookie air marshal, a stewardess with a grudge, and a barricade to get through. With a storm on the way and limited fuel, Kevin must recruit the support of the frightened passengers to save the day. As long as he can survive the one person on board who won’t rest until all of them are dead…

Airliner Down is a fast-paced tech thriller that brings terror to the friendly skies. If you like pulse-pounding reads with compelling characters and chillingly real plots, then you’ll love John Etzil’s turbulent tale.

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Genres: Action Adventure, Aviation Thriller, Thriller
Publication Year: 2017
Format: ebook, paperback, audio
Length: 358
Narrator: Alan Taylor

List Price: $12.99
eBook Price: $0.99
Audiobook Price: $17.95
Airliner Down

I loved your thrilling read. I highly recommend it. When I was young, I was a flight attendant. I then married, had children, and didn’t go back into that part of aviation again. However, later, I did become a private pilot. I love it. Only regret, I wish I had done so much earlier than I did. I could have gone onto a career with an airline. It is a great career for women.

I could relate to the characters, as there were a lot of affairs between the flight attendants, and pilots. High rate of divorce was common. Kalib, and George, I wanted them to get theres. Happy ending for most.

Thank you, J. Kuzo

J Kuzo
Wow! Action packed from start to finish.

The plot was too real for comfort with lots of twists and turns. The hero was good, a flawed, but decent man who was willing to do the right thing even at a cost to himself. The character development was good and the happy ending was hopeful, but not like a fairy tale. I will Read more of Mr. Etzils work.

Exquisitely written!

This is one of the best books I have ever read! That is saying a lot since I have been an avid reader since I was a child. Kept me on the edge of my seat. The descriptive language puts you right in the middle of the action! I would say it is James Patterson-esque and there can be no higher praise.

Couldn't put it down!

This book was recommended to me by a family member of the writer, and I'm so glad I chose to pick it up. I found the book engrossing, and due to the fact that I work as a gate agent for a major airline, relevant to my interests. I liked that the chapters were not too short or long, leaving me plenty of checkpoints to pick up and put down the book while keeping me interested in what was going to happen next. Will recommend to friends!

A great buy for a great book

I very seldom enjoy a book. I am too demanding upon the content. This book was very enjoyable. The author knows airline structure and explains the facts needed to follow the story line. From the title you can figure out for your self that the airline goes down. How it gets to this down is fascinating. The character development is a little to plodding, but necessary for the story line.

Hats off to Airliner Down, I was blown away.

I have to say that this was really a fantastic novel. It was almost like a fast paced Quentin Tarantino movie! It had everything that would come to mind when looking at the cover and more but one thing I really liked was how informative and accurately detailed the book got into aviation, the science behind being up in the skies, etc. You can tell the author did his homework or is a seasoned pilot. I would classify this one as a quality thriller fiction novel or more specifically an airline thriller

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