FAST Justice – Vigilante Justice Thriller Series 1.5 with Jack Lamburt

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Fast paced "Thriller Shot" that's sure to leave you asking for more! FREE if you going my reader group. Paperback is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Audio available on Audible.

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About the Book

FAST Justice, Vigilante Justice Thriller Series 1.5 with Jack Lamburt, is a 90 page / 20K word “Thriller Shot”, available to purchase in paperback and Audio only.

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A small-town sheriff’s is about to discover some shocking details about his girlfriend’s past…

Jack Lamburt’s looking forward to a relaxing night at home after a long day of sheriffing in his sleepy little town, but a cryptic late night text sends him racing to Debbie’s aid. Will he arrive in time? Lamburt doesn’t take threats to loved ones lightly, and he’s forced to go all-in when he discovers that a cold-blooded tavern owner is responsible for the nightmare that awaits him at Debbie’s house. Now he’s racing against the clock, and he must remove the threat the only way he knows how… With extreme prejudice.

If you like no holds barred justice, then you’ll love FAST Justice; Vigilante Justice Series 1.5, the 20K word “Thriller Shot” from an Amazon #1 bestselling author, John Etzil. BUY FAST JUSTICE FOR A FAST PACED VIGILANTE JUSTICE STORY TODAY!

Series: Jack Lamburt Vigilante Justice Series, Book 1.5
Genres: Action Adventure, Thriller
Format: FREE Ebook plus paperback & audio
Length: 152
Narrator: Alan Taylor
ASIN: 1980302367
ISBN: 1980302367

List Price: 7.99
eBook Price: NA
Audiobook Price: 13.08
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